Chosen and Challenged: Exploring Identity Through the Lens of Moses (e-book)


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  • Publisher: Heavenly Enterprises Midwest, Ltd. (August 28, 2017)
  • Publication Date: August 28, 2017


For many, life is just a routine of waking, working, sleeping, and eating, with but a few moments of laughter and satisfaction sprinkled in between. It’s hard to imagine that you were created to do something spectacular, amazing, and life-changing due to the past experiences and choices involved in the days of our lives.

However, The real challenge that you face is learning to be THAT person: not the person that life made you become, not the person that had to show up just to survive, not the person that everyone else likes better than the man in the mirror. You have to go back to being and living the “real you.”

Moses, like you, faced huge challenges and obstacles that could have easily cancelled his future. It wasn’t an easy life, but his life had so much purpose assigned to it. Moses was wealthy, healthy, and personally satisfied because he chose to be himself – the person that God intended for him to be. Like Moses, God has a plan for your life. You are not what happened to you. There are resources waiting on your arrival. Help is assigned to your success. Where you are is not final; it’s just a temporary location. You have permission to be excited again!

You have been chosen to be great; you just have to learn how to navigate the challenges.

“…God created you to be unique, and gave you skills and abilities that are unmatched by any other human being.”

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